Su InfoTech is a new-fanged company, Based in the capital city, Thimphu Bhutan. We are a subsidiary of ZinnoX, a Multinational company based in Bangalore, India. Su InfoTech was established in order to facilitate ZinnoX’s consultant grade premium services to Bhutanese doorsteps. We have an Exclusive White Label Partnership with ZinnoX.

We offer a range of services/solutions focused on information security. The IT Security solutions include Application Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessment for Web, Mobile and Networks. We have devised a hybrid approach towards pen testing by incorporating the best of both automated and manual techniques to give you premium coverage of vulnerabilities. Because it is a cloud-based approach, we are completely on-demand.

Bhutan is racing towards cyber universe today. Although our presence in the digital world makes a lot of things easy for us, it also attracts a lot of inconveniences like InfoSec problems, data breaches, Network compromises, etc. The list goes on. To fix these problems, we need guidance and expertise from professional companies to keep us safe. At Su InfoTech, we look forward to bridge this skill gap. We utilize professional expertise of our International partners to help our clients keep their apps, data and their network secure.

Our Partner

ZinnoX offers their services in 11 countries primarily through partnerships of different natures.

  • India
  • Bhutan (Su InfoTech – White Labeled Partner)
  • Canada (Solantus Inc.)
  • USA (Security Innovation)
  • Spain (Azuba)
  • Nigeria
  • Tanzania
  • Zimbabwe and South Africa (ESRO)
  • UK (TrueBlueKey)
  • Australia and New Zealand (White-Labeled Local Partner)

ZinnoX has, till date, completed work on over 25 clients. A total of 75 projects have been completed.

Meet Our Team

Su InfoTech Team

Prabhaker Mukhia

Chair Person

Prabhaker, a Science Enthusiast, entrepreneur,  Devotee of old school metal music, and a complete Gamer Dad! A  Graduate in Computer Applications and Network Engineering. Prabhaker specializes in Network and Server Management. Prabhaker has worked in companies like Aditya Birla (Bangalore, India) and Cube 6 (Bangalore India). With the experience he accumulated over the years working in projects like Apple Parallel, he has contributed tremendously in the management of the company and its interest.


Prabhaker enjoys spending time with his family and is an old school rock music adherent. He is currently the Chair Person at Su InfoTech and is identified as a key contributor to various different aspects of Su InfoTech’s growth and success.

Bhasker Mukhia


Bhasker, a Science Enthusiast, entrepreneur, a complete tech-nerd, a Gamer, the “go-to” tech-buff among friends and family! A graduate of Biotechnology with diploma in web-centric computing, Bhasker has worked as an I.T. admin for majority of his professional life. Besides being the Manager of Su InfoTech, Bhasker has worked as an I.T. associate in companies like MainStay(Bangalore, India),  First Source (Bangalore, India) and Taj Tashi (Thimphu, Bhutan). As the Manager of Su InfoTech, he intends to spear-head the project to introduce Information security in the Bhutanese community.

Bhasker enjoys completely geeking out on competitive computer games with his friends during his free time, is an avid internet user. 

ZinnoX Team

Zakeer Hussain

CEO & Founder

Zakeer Hussain, a Sports enthusiast, foodie, entrepreneur and technology buff, is an avid traveler with a flair for presentations! A masters graduate in Computer Applications, he is the go-to, in-house tech expert among family, friends and colleagues. With an insatiable quest for learning and experimentation, Zakeer has worked in companies like IBM India, Ocwen Finance, iViZ (Cigital India) and Patracode in various fields/technology domains, skillfully working his way to top management responsibilities in Finance, Tech, IT and IPR; all in a continuous cycle of self exploration and learning.

Zakeer, with his immensely unique sense of humor, is the life of parties and the centre of attention at get-togethers. He is the CEO and Founder of ZinnoX B&T, and enjoys picking people’s brain’s to invent new and unique strategies and approaches towards business! 


COO & Director

Harshavardhan, a Science Enthusiast, entrepreneur, collector of various interesting articles and a complete cat-person! A Masters Graduate in Biotechnology, Harsha has worked on several projects on subjects varying from Tissue Culture and Regeneration, to Microbiology and Instrumentations. With an insatiable quest for learning and experimentation, Harsha has worked in companies like IBM India, Ocwen Finance, iViZ (Cigital India, now Synopsys Inc.) and Patracode in various fields/technology domains, and with intense discipline and self-learning, has successfully donned several hats right from an associate, sales and marketing activities, to management and operational responsibilities across verticals; proving his mettle as an asset to any organization.

Harsha enjoys partying and is an avid reader and music aficionado. He is currently a COO and Director at ZinnoX B&T, and is identified as a key contributor to various different aspects of ZinnoX’s growth and planning. 

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