Cypana Portal

Our Cypna Portal helps take On-demand test scheduling to the next level by seamlessly integrating an extremely easy user interface with flexible features and functionality.

Cypna Portal Features are as follows:

  • Dashboard to view the total number of scans scheduled, pending scans and completed scans
  • Easy test Scheduling template
  • Schedule tests at one’s own convenience
  • Test status bar to stay updated with the progress of the scan
  • Easy download options for reports, once scan is completed

Cypna Portal – Home Screen

Cypna portal can be accessed from the URL which will open the login page where one enters the

Cypna Portal – Dashboard

The dashboard of the Cypna Portal is extremely user friendly, with just two options given. This helps avoid unnecessary confusion and also makes it easy for the Pen Test Project Management.
The two options are:
• Dashboard : this gives an overview of all projects that are added on Cypna
• Scan : this is where the scans are scheduled

The dashboard contains 3 options:
• Total Scans
• Pending Scans
• Completed Scans

Cypna Portal – Scan: Create

The Scan Button is a dropdown, with two options: Scans and Create
The Create button, when clicked, will open a form which has to be filled in to have the scan scheduled.
The details to be filled in include details like:
-The URL
-Time Range
-Time Zone
-Type of Test (Safe/Unsafe)
-Box (Black/Grey)
-Test Window
-Deployment Type (Development or Staging/Production)
-Payment gateway details.

Cypna Portal – Scan : Scans

Once the details are filled up for the Pen Test Project, and the Submit button is clicked on, the scan gets queued automatically in Cypna.
These queued scans can be viewed in the “Scans” section of Cypna.
This section also shows the status of the test, to give a clear picture of the progress of the test, once the scan has begun.
The Test begins as scheduled, according to the time and time zone selected.
Once completed, the report of the Pen Test can be downloaded directly from the Cypna Portal itself.

Cypna Portal – Advantages

The Cypna Portal is designed to minimize interaction between the client and the testers/company, helping streamline the Pen Test scheduling process.
It is now easy to schedule a test with the touch of just a few buttons, and there is no need for any human interaction for either scheduling tests or downloading reports.
This can be done at one’s own convenience, and from anywhere, as it is a Cloud-based SaaS platform.
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